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Mini Angels

Size: 8cm

White angels on a hanger. For the Christmas tree, as a gift

companion. They can be used as guardian angels for the rest of the year :)

Mini Fairies

Size: 8cm

Colourful fairies with or without wings. They will be Mini Springboks with flowers. They have also been made for Christmas, in turquoise and pink.

Big figures

Size: 10-12-14cm

Usually adult figures are based on this size. Can be a bride, a young girl sculpted from someone, but this size can also get wings.


Usually 12cm, or 8cm

The figures can be placed on a swing, classic or with vines. They can be hung on the wall or hang from the ceiling.

Dandelion hangers (family or multi-person)

with figures of mixed sizes

If a whole family needs to be accommodated, the dandelion hanger is usually the best option.

Also popular in a bride-groom version.

Wedding, couples


A lovely wedding gift, the newlyweds will definitely not get two of these!

Mini Dandelion hangers

1pc with 8cm figure                                                                           

For one figure, ideal for a playroom, baptism, etc., as an ideal, unique gift.

Family sitting on a branch

figures of mixed size

For a larger number of people, the sitting-on-a-branch version maybe a good solution instead of the dandelion version.

Reader on a cloud


Can be hung primarily from above, but can also be hung on the wall.

Fairy in a ring


Also known as the Children's Room Fairy.

Also available in 8cm version.

Dream Fairy


You can also get e.g a lamb with it.

Can be hung on the wall.

Big/Wild Fairy, Big Tooth Fairy


They can hold a bell or a pearl in their hand.

Tangle/frizzy elves


They're the ones who tangle our hair with their tiny hands at night

and make it all frizzy in the morning :-) They do it out of love... They

think you're beautiful... Because the one who is beautiful is beautiful

in the morning...

    Oh, and let them sleep during the day!           


odds and ends

Everything else: puppies, butterflies, kittens, lambs, elf babies...