Itty-bittys with love

Here on my website you will find custom made products made of wool, mainly using needlework and combined techniques. Learning the traditional waldorf elf-making techniques, I have developed a fresh, modern style that can be easily adapted to today's homes.

Most of the products on this site are made to order, feel free to

contact me! I'll create your fairy based on your idea, so it can be a

truly unique, personal gift for someone close to your heart, or you

can even surprise yourself with it.

Why not? A home should have little secret things that only the truly

curious onlooker will notice. They're not ostentatious, but a joy to

discover, or just to know they're there - for us.

I wish that you, too, may find the object close to your heart and that

it may accompany you, or the Someone you give it to for a long time

on your journey.

Eszter Horváth